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Addendum to the Individual Joint Doctoral Agreement

  1. The candidate enrols and is subject to the provisions of social security at the home university. The candidate will enrol at the host university for the time of visit, but will be granted a tuition waiver at the host university. Costs for student services may apply.
  2. The duration for finishing the doctoral thesis is at minimum three years and should not exceed six years. The duration is to be set in accordance with the regulations and governing procedures for the doctorate at the home university.
  3. Work for the preparation of the thesis will be carried out at both institutions. The total time of stay at the host university should be at least six months.
  4. An individual learning program and teaching program is set, periodically controlled and readjusted if necessary, in responsibility and coordination between both tutors.
  5. The defence of doctoral thesis takes place once, either at the home or host university or at any other agreed venue.
  6. The doctoral thesis will be written in English.
  7. Both tutors, from home and host university, write a report on the completed thesis, including a mark for the thesis, see section 10. The universities can agree on additional reporters. The reports are written in English.
  8. The oral defence of the doctoral thesis will be held in English.
  9. The examination procedure has to fulfil applicable regulations of both universities. In particular:The
    examination is executed by one joint examination committee, fulfilling applicable regulations of both universities. In case of incompatibility of the regulations on forming the committee, a difference in depiction of the committee at each university can be tolerated. Each university accepts the eligibility criteria of the other university for the other university's committee members.
    The composition of the committee is coordinated by the two tutors, fulfilling applicable regulations of both universities. Members of the committee are at minimum six and should include an equal number of members from the two universities, including the tutors (see section 7.). Chair of the committee is agreed upon by the two tutors. Additional internal or external rapporteurs or examiners, not associated with either of the institutions, may serve on the examination committee.
    The marking of the candidate has to be agreed upon in a committee meeting right after the examination. In case of logged dissension, the chair of the committee has the final decision within the range of discussion.
    Only one protocol is written, fulfilling applicable regulations of both universities.
  10. The marking can be one of the following:
    - Pass - Good - Very Good - Outstanding
    The equivalent designations written in the diploma are:
    - sufficiente - buono - molto buono - eccellente
    .. - rite - cum laude - magna cum laude - summa cum laude.
    The mark outstanding is only applicable, if all reports mark the thesis outstanding and the committee members agree that the defence was outstanding.
  11. The thesis has to be refinished after defence, according to the requirements given by the committee. The committee names one of its members to check the fulfilment of all requirements and to release the thesis. The publishing of the thesis then is conducted at Braunschweig and must be completed one year after the defence. A prolongation of this period due to important reason must be requested in advance.
  12. After successful completion of the procedure as described and on the basis of the report of the doctoral thesis committee, the two universities will jointly award the doctoral degree and issue a joint doctoral diploma. The diploma will make reference to the fact that the doctoral work and the award of the degree have taken place under an agreement of joint supervision.
    The diploma is printed in Firenze and will be signed by the responsible representatives of both universities. Before receipt of the diploma, the title must not be used.
  13. The two institutions will recognize the result of the jointly supervised doctoral procedure and the validity of the doctoral degree awarded.
  14. Travel costs for members of the examination committee, shall be borne by their own institutions.
  15. The publication and the use of the doctoral thesis and of any research findings, which are the result of the candidate's work at both institutions, are protected at both institutions in accordance with their respective regulations for doctoral work.
  16. This agreement enters into force after it has been signed by the program coordinators and the supervisors of both institutions and the candidate.
    The agreement is written and signed in three copies that are held in custody of both tutors and the student. Both international doctorate offices receive the signed agreement in photocopy.
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