Accreditation procedure

The procedure is divided into the following phases:

1. the referent professor or researcher requests the Director to authorize the access to the Department of the person concerned, pursuant to art. 5 paragraph 3 of the DICEA Internal Regulations;

  • Here the Form online (with access restricted to DICEA professors and researchers) the online form is automatically sent by e-mail to the Director, the Administrative Manager and the Administrative Secretariat (Benedetta Novigno);

2. The Administrative Secretariat provides for the signature of the request to the Director and after receiving a copy of the attestation of payment of the insurance, protocols the practice and sends communication to the ICT Support (Leonardo Boselli) and to the Web Editor (Margherita Mellini)

3. ICT Support will create the user profile of the volunteer for the use of the Department's network and IT services; the volunteer is required to have an official e-mail: and it is his responsibility send all the personal data to the ICT support;

4. the web editor, if specifically requested through the online form, will add the name of the volunteer to the web page of the DICEA website.


NB: The accreditation procedure is concluded when the procedure is registered.

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