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DICEA Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

Department Council

The Council is the governing body of the Department.

The Board is chaired by the Director and is composed by all professors and assistant professors belonging to the Department, by a representative of technical-administrative staff and linguistic experts and readers assigned to the Department (15% of the members) as well as the Administrative Manager.

The Regulation of the Departments regulate the participation of a representation of the students, PhD students and researchers.

Council meetings are valid if is present at least half part plus one person of the members, except in cases with different provisions of law.

In the calculation of the quorum for the validity of the meetings are not considered justified absentees.

The Department Council of  DICEA is composed by:

President: Director prof. Claudio Lubello
Administrative Manager
dott.ssa Cristina Paolieri  
Technical-administrative staff Representatives Manuela Mannini, Muzio MascheriniTiziana Pileggi
PhD Student Representatives
 Costanza Carbonari, Lorenzo Innocenti.
Temporary Researcher Representatives Laura Palli, Tommaso Lotti. 
Student Representatives Elisa Baldini, Angelo De Caro, Sara Maarouf, Elisa Porciatti, Tommaso Raimondo

last update: 01-Oct-2018
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