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DICEA Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

Who does what...

Administrative Staff

Paolieri Cristina

Administrative Manager of the Department

Room 367

Bernini Elisa

Goods and services Acquisition, Accounting

Room 365

Bonucci Roberto

Budget and accounting, Cash desk, Missions, Recruitment support for teachers and researchers, Extra job assignments

Room 365

Collini Lucia

Research and project reporting, Temporary researchers, International Relation

Room 363

Giunti Laura

Budget and accounting, Agreements and conventions for institutional and commercial activity, Research

Room 363

Mannini Manuela

General Affairs, Secretary support, Logistics, Integrated service among Dief-Dicea-Dinfo for scientific collaborations

Room 353

Mellini Margherita

Missions, Visiting Professor, Support for research project reporting, Communication

Room 365

Novigno Benedetta

General Affairs, Staff attendence, Secretary support, Logistics, Volounteers goers, Stages, Subject experts, Workshops

Room 353

Tirinnanzi Giuditta

Didactics, Master and International PhD

Room 365


last update: 14-Dec-2018
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