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DICEA Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
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Direction and self-assessment Commission

The Direction and Self-Assessment Commission is an internal structure within the Department with consulting and proposal functions.
This commission has the task of assisting the organs of the Department in the policies of the use of resources and in the field of scientific research, transfer and innovation.
This Commission is nominated by the Department Council on the proposal of the Director, after hearing the Section Coordinators; it lasts for four years.
It is composed by 5 professors and researchers of the Department, in addition a maximum of 3 experts can be nominated from national, international or foreign research bodies.

The Commission is composed by:

President: Prof. Andrea Vignoli 


Prof. Luca Solari
Prof. Frida Bazzocchi
Prof. Francesca La Torre
Prof. Giovanni Vannucchi

last update: 18-Dec-2018
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