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DICEA Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

Research units

Research units may be set up within the Department or between different Departments, in order to enhance specific disciplinary or interdisciplinary skills, or to coordinate research, technological transfer and innovation projects.
They are established, upon the proposal of professors and researchers, by resolution of the Department Council and they don't have management autonomy.

DICEA has established the following research units:

  • Road Safety and Accident Reconstruction Laboratory
  • PROBIOCA - Biocatalysis-based processes for decontamination of liquid, solid and gaseous streams
  • 3D recording and processing techniques for Enhancement,  Exploitation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Medical Biofluidodynamics
  • Development, Internationalization and International Accreditation of Engineering Studies
  • Urban Bioregion Project
last update: 15-Feb-2019
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