BIP - Green and Carbon Neutral Cities. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in urban areas



To deepen the European Union Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (EU Cities Mission) the EUniWell Arena 3 - Environment, Urbanity and Well-being has designed a Blended Intensive Programme – BIP Green and Carbon Neutral cities.

The EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (EU Cities Mission) aims to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart European cities by 2030, while paving the way for remaining European cities to become climate-neutral by 2050.

The course will be a Blended Intensive Programme - BIP and will give participants detailed tools on the different aspects involved, instruments of analysis and design tools to develop ideas and make plans for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in urban areas.

Within the BIP framework, two different and complementary education methods are organised: on-line events (in July 2023) completed through a in‑presence programme in Florence, at the School of Engineering, University of Florence, from 4 to 8 September 2023. The BIP is open to Master's and PhD students.

As part of the BIP, students will develop a Project Work in working groups, at least one from each of the institutions involved in EUniWell Arena 3 and the BIP.  In particular, the participants to the BIP will be asked to adopt a city, among those already selected for the EU Cities Mission. Each group will collect all available data and background information on initiatives in the selected/adopted city and propose their own initiatives or the integration of the existing ones into their project work. The proposal may focus on specific topics, limited areas, localised actions etc.

The preliminary results of the project work will be returned in a Poster produced and presented by each group at the start of the activities in the in‑presence week. During the in-presence activities, the project work will be further developed, in particular within the organized workshops and as a result of the comments/discussion on the poster and, above all, the attended lectures.

The final version of the project work should take the form of a newspaper/blog article in which the city's 2030 strategy is summarised in a comprehensible way for the general public .


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  • 2 days of online activities in July 2023 - 20/07/2023 and 24/07/2023
  • 1 week in Florence, from 4 to 8 September 2023.
  • Credits: the program will award 3 ECTS credits to participating students (Transcript of Records to be supplied by UNIFI).

Further information

  • The course is free for EUniWell and BIP partners.
  • The trip to Florence and accommodation will be organised by the students themselves.
  • The Blended Intensive Programme is eligible for Erasmus+ short-term funding. Funding will be provided from your home university through Erasmus+ or EUniWell.
  • You will receive detailed information about the funding options from your home universities after successful application.

Technical Commitee

Prof. Enrica Caporali, coordinator
Dott. Marco Lompi
Dott. Tommaso Pacetti
Dott. Margherita Mellini, secretariat


For further information, please contact DICEA by writing to Margherita Mellini or Enrica Caporali


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