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D-SITE Drones

Systems of Information on culTural hEritage

D-SITE is the first International Conference dealing with the use of drones in the field of Cultural Heritage. It is directed to researchers working in the field of UAVs production and in the use of drones for Heritage documentation and for experts that work in this field, finalizing innovative documentation services that integrate and complete the existing practice.
In the last few years, the use of UAVs is becoming increasingly important in many areas related to the science of architectural survey, topography, engineering and architecture. Used for monitoring and surveying, drones are an opportunity for the development of increasingly effective systems for the documentation.
The event aims to provide a framework of the State of Art of this phenomenon, laying the foundations for the development of innovative systems of analysis and growth of innovative methodologies with a multidisciplinary nature.


The event will consist of three days, 24-25-26 June 2020, and will be organized through training workshops, stands of the main companies operating in the field of drone production and connected survey systems that will be able to realize demonstrations and illustrate the latest news in this field. These events will then be joined by exhibitions describing research activities and documentation projects conducted through the use of drones.


The conference, will be held on 25th and 26th of June, with feature speakers from organizations and national and international research institutes that will describe the specific research activities in the different conference sessions.


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18 Luglio 2019
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