Workshops By Prof. Alain Kornhauser

On October 19th Road Vechicle Automation, and on 21st Ridesharing

Workshops By Prof. Alain Kornhauser

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosts two workshops by prof Alain Kornhauser:

  • On 19th October 2022
    Road Vechicle Automation - State of the art and short-term prospectives

  • On 21st October 2022
    Ridesharing - Algorithms to plan and manage shared transport services

Both from 14,00 to 16,00 (CET Italy time)


Participation to workshops is free, subject to availability. The rooms will be announced the day before on the base of the number of participants.

To attend send an email to

Scuola di Ingegneria - Via S. Marta 3 – Firenze


Download the flyer


Alain Kornhauser
Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering
Director Transportation Program
Princeton University

Dr. Kornhauser is in his 50th year as a professor at Princeton University, focused on the technology and policy of automated and intelligent transport systems. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Penn State where he obtained a BS and MS, and at Princeton, earning a PhD.
He continues his basic research in transportation focused on the real-time operation of large fleets of driverless vehicles and on the development of Deep-Learning Neural Networks that safely drive road vehicles. He is editor of the Smart Driving Cars newsletter, organizer of the Annual Princeton SmartDrivingCars Summits, and Board Chair of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA). He testified before state legislative committees to establish a permitting process for testing highly automated vehicles in NJ and serves on the New Jersey Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Task Force. Dr. Kornhauser is currently in the process of creating a major Center for Automated Road Transportation Safety.

Dr. Kornhauser has been studying the possibilities of rapid transit in the urban environment since the 1970s. As the progenitor of the Princeton Transportation Network Model, he was one of the early proponents of leveraging Geographic Information Systems in the study of transportation systems, and his work has had a significant effect on the North American freight railroad system. Among the many highlights of his career, he founded ALK Technologies, Inc. which brought to market the roadway and railway systems digital map database credited as being used by the majority of North American railroad and trucking companies. Among his more recent endeavors, he has turned his focus on autonomous taxi and urban transit to enable more widespread mobility.






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