Hands-on course on experimental and numerical modelling of wave-structure interaction - 3rd edition

10th -  14th July 2023 - University of Florence, Florence, Italy

Hands-on course on experimental and numerical modelling of wave-structure interaction - 3rd edition

LABIMA - Maritime Engineering Laboratory and DualSPHysiscs teams are proud to announce the 3rd edition of the Hands-on Course on Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Wave-Structure Interaction.  The Training School is specifically designed for those interested in developing numerical and experimental modelling techniques of Wave Energy Converters (WEC).

The hands-on course aims at introducing experimental and numerical modelling approaches for simulating wave-structure interactions. The same structure and wave condition will be modelled both experimentally and numerically, and the phenomena created by the wave-structure interaction will be studied in a physical wave tank and in the numerical counterpart.

The mission of the course is to provide clear evidence that the experimental and the numerical modelling approaches can complement each other and that a Hybrid Wave Tank (HWT) constitutes a unique and powerful research installation.

The course has a duration of 5 days. The first day will include lectures on experimental modelling, fundamental of wave energy, WECs and an introduction to laboratory practice that will be conducted during the second day. On the third day, trainees will collaborate in working groups to develop a project work based on the laboratory data collected.  The theoretical background of SPH and a first hands-on session with DualSPHysics will be provided on the fourth day while the second hands-on session is scheduled on the fifth day. Each working group will present the project work results during the last session of the course.


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