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DICEA Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

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Responsabile scientifico: Bardotti Roberto
Responsabile tecnico: Johann Facciorusso
Sede: via di S. Marta, 3 - 50139 Firenze

The Geotechnical Laboratory owns equipment for carrying out laboratory testing under static and dynamic loading conditions, and for performing field static and dynamic tests.

All tests are performed and the corresponding results are interpreted according to the national and international geotechnical provisions.

Laboratory test equipment for soil testing under static conditions includes:

  • ordinary testing equipment for soil classification (Atterberg limits, grain size distribution, density) and compaction;
  • 3 oedometers
  • 1 Casagrande shearbox
  • 1 unconfined compression testing device
  • 3 triaxial devices with external strain measures
  • 1 triaxial device with internal strain measures
  • 1 standard and modified Proctor test equipment
  • 1 in situ density measurement device
taglio torsionale
Laboratory test equipment for soil dynamic testing includes:
  • 1 resonant column device (Stokoe fixed free apparatus)
  • 1 cyclic shear torsional device
  • 1 cyclic triaxial device


The Geotechnical laboratory is also equipped to perform some in situ static and dynamic tests:

  • density tests
  • static plate load tests
  • down-hole tests

The down-hole testing device have been consituted and perfected during last ten years according to ASTM provisions and practical experience.

Different techniques have also been set up to interpretate the test measures and are applied to provide the final results




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